Unifty Integrates with Moonbeam

Unifty is a powerful platform that offers infrastructure and advanced tools for the management of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Recently, the project has announced its integration with smart contract parachain Moonbeam based on Polkadot. This article will help you discover the main prospects of this integration and its benefits for crypto developers.

Basic Information about Unifty and Moonbeam’s Integration

The integration between Moonbeam and Unifty is currently in the alpha stage. Thanks to it, Unifty will join the variety of blockchains supported by Moonbeam, including Polygon, xDai, Ethereum, and others.

What is Moonbeam

Moonbeam is a blockchain that brings the functionality of Ethereum-like smart contracts to the Polkadot environment. Due to Ethereum compatibility, the developers can deploy existing Solidity smart contracts and DApps’ front-ends to Moonbeam without significant changes. The main advantages of this project include:

  • Variety of assets. The users have access to native Polkadot assets, such as DOT, KSM, aUSD, and others. Additionally, it supports bridged assets, which include ERC-20s and Bitcoin.
  • Implementation of the Webt3 RPC API. The project simplifies the migration of existing DApps’ front-ends without the necessity to make significant changes. Plus, it allows the use of Ethereum-based tools, such as Remix, Truffle, and MetaMask.
  • Variety of Available Tools. Moonbeam offers the possibility to use block explorers, wallets, and libraries for front-end development.
  • Complete EVM Implementation. The migration of Solidity-based smart contracts is as easy as ABS due to Moonbeam,
  • On-Chain Governance. The project provides stakeholders with an opportunity to evolve the base protocol to meet the developer’s and community’s needs.

Besides, the project is Polkadot’s parachain connected to its Relay Chain. It also integrates with all chains supported by Polkadot. Moonbeam is developed by PureStake, and it’s expected to reach the Mainnet by the third quarter of 2021.

What is Unifty

Unifty is a no-code NFT ecosystem with a regularly growing variety of tools and services. The project provides its users with the possibility to mint NFTs, create marketplaces for them, and build farming programs for earning NFTs by staking tokens. At the same time, Unifty ensures a stronger connection between the developers and the fans of their projects.

The main advantage of the project is the possibility to use its services without professional programming skills. Also, it has a friendly UI, which significantly simplifies the workflow.

Each contract created with the help of Unifty is owned and controlled by the user. And the great fact is that the list of its services is regularly being updated.

Benefits of the Integration

  • Due to the integration of Unifty and Moonbeam, the developers, who want to tap into the Polkadot environment, will get the following benefits:
  • Easy monetization of the work due to Uniftry’s advanced tools
  • Possibility to deploy NFTs on Polkadot without coding skills
  • Fast set up of DeFi and NFT yield farming incentives
  • Creation of ecosystem for minting, interacting and trading with NFTs while using Unifty’s NFT Bridge Service, the NFT Swap Service, and NFT Marketplace

According to Derek Yoo, a Moonbeam founder, the NFTs are important for the growing creator economy. It’s essential to consider that many creators don’t have professional development skills. Luckily, due to Unifty’s collection of tools, they get a chance to create NFTs and attract an audience without a technical background.

Also, Yoo says that the Unifty team continues the improvement of the project. It focuses on the development of innovative features, including NFT framing and marketplaces available for all users without regard for their coding skills. It provides new possibilities for further growth of the NFT ecosystem on Moonbeam and Polkadot ecosystems.


Moonbeam retains the Ethereum-like developer experience while enabling the scalability of the Polkadot-based environment. The numerous benefits of the platform made it a perfect partner for Unifty.

This integration of these prospective crypto projects will introduce no-code NFTs to the Polkadot parachain. Thanks to it, Polkadot users will get the possibility to use Unifty for the creation of immutable NFTs designed with additional features.

It will significantly increase the variety of tools for Moonbeam’s users, making the platform an ideal option for both existing Ethereum-based and Polkadot ecosystem projects. Finally, if you want to develop a new DApp, Moonbeam, with its almost limitless possibilities, will also stand you in good stead.